This years event will be held at Bishop Quinn/St Francis Middle School located on old 44 drive in Palo Cedro. The dates are September 21st and 22nd, 2019. Hours are: Saturday,  September 8th: 8:30-5:00 p.m.  and Sunday, September 9th: 8:30-4:00 p.m. For information about this years event, view our home page!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Vendors:  How do we pick Booth Locations for the Vendors

We work hard every year in an effort to provide the best booth locations for our Arts & Crafts Booth Vendors , our Food Booth Vendors, and Business Vendors.  We try to make sure that no two similar types of vendors are next to or near each other.  This is not a perfect science so we do the best we can.

Can vendors pick what location they want?

We try to honor requests from previous year vendors when they request a particular booth locations.  We strive to give vendors who have attended in previous years first right to the location they had the previous year.  We try to handle any requested change of booth locations so as not to interfere with other vendors of similar types of information and/or Arts and Crafts.  If you are a new Vendor to the festival, please give us several choices of preferred booth location.  We will do our best to accommodate your request.

Does the Honey Bee Festival limit the number of Vendors?

We try to fill up all available booth locations so that we have the most vendors as possible for Festival visitors to see and visit.  Is there a limit?  Yes, there is only so much space.  We re-evaluate our booth chart every year to see if we can make more booths available.   We also endeavor to make sure we do not have too many of the same type of vendors.   For example, we may have 5 jewelry vendors spread out around the grounds, but we would not allow in a 6th because it would be too many of the same type of business.

We request that Vendors selling products from manufacturers that restrict the number of booths allowed at craft fairs such as the Honey Bee Festival, respect those rights.  If we discover that such a duplicate product conflict exists, we reserve the right to limit the sale of the product by the offending Vendor.  We may go so far as to request the offending Vendor to leave.

How many people attend the Honey Bee Festival?

We do not count every person that attends.  We do count the number of cars that come through the gate and keep track of the number of cars.  We estimate 3 people per car.  In 2017, our estimated attendance was in excess of 7500 people using our average.  We ask the gate people to keep  track of the number of people in each car and from that develop our average.

Where do we get new Arts & Craft Vendors?

New Vendors come from referrals from previous Vendors and calls from our website.  We usually have more requests to participate in the event that we can handle.  It is our intent to fill up the event each year with quality Arts and Craft and Information Businesses that will provide great products and services to our visitors.  We do screen new applicant so as not to conflict with existing vendors.  That is one of the reasons we have such a high return rate of Vendors.

How do we decide on prices for Booth Space?

We are in contact with other local similar events and see what they are charging for booth space.  We review prices on an annual basis.  We have changed prices once in the last 5 years.  In our 37+ years of Honey Bee Festivals, we have tried to keep our pricing at a good level for vendors.  Many out of town vendors like our event because it is a two day event and gives them a chance to recover the travel costs by making more sales.

Are Booth Spaces reserved from year to year.

We do make an effort to honor requests for specific booth location for vendors who have supported and attended our event in previous years.   We reserve the right to place vendors where-ever we feel is best.  Previous year vendors are given first right of refusal on the space they had the year before and may talk with the Festival chairperson to request different spaces.  We work to put everyone in a desired location if possible without putting similar vendors too close together.  We have found that some vendors like locations that others don’t like so we try to accommodate everyone to our best ability.

Do we require insurance?

Yes, we require vendors to have liability insurance.   We are renting space for the event at Bishop Quinn.  They have strict requirements for insurance and our insurance advisers request that we require insurance from every business that will be displaying products and services for sale at the event in order to keep the Honey Bee Festival clear of any liability that may be caused by information, products or services of our Vendors.  Please call us at 530-547-2727 if you have a problem with insurance.

This is a craft fair, What can and cannot be sold?

Handcrafted or Antique items are allowed without approval. However, if you have a commercial item you’d like to sell please contact Gail Batdorf at the  board so she can see if it can be approved.

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35th Annual Honey Bee Festival